Published Works


I try to create sympathy for my characters, then turn the monsters loose.–Stephen King

Novel, The Fireman’s Daughter–published in 2008 by WritingRoom

Short story, “Three Perfect Cigarettes”–first place winner in the WritingRoom short story contest 2008

Short story, “Megan’s Bridge”–Dunesteef Audio Magazine, March 2009

Short story, “Roads Part II”–Strange Circle Magazine, June 2011

Short story, “Water For Sunshine”–published in SQ Magazine Fall/Winter 2010/2011

Short story, “The Robin”–published in literary journal From The Wellhouse June 2013

Short story, “The Cloud Seeds”–Bay Laurel Magazine, published fall of 2013

Short story, “Roads”–Dark Eclipse Magazine, published fall of 2013

Short story, “The Things We Carry”–Fiction Vortex, fall 2014– 3rd place in their 2014 Horror Award contest

Novel, Ghosts Of The Imperial–published by Indigo Sea Press December 2015

Poem, “The Bee Charmer”–Three Drops From A Cauldron special Samhain issue, July 2015

Poem, “The Things We Carry”–Seven Deadly Sins Anthology (Lost Tower Publications), December 2015

Chapbook, The Madness In Our Marrowself-published, placed on the preliminary ballot for a Bram Stoker Award nomination–2015

Poems, “A Rumbling in the Woods (She’ll Swallow Your Soul)” and “The Longest Walk”–Slim Volume: See Into the Dark (Poetry anthology), May 2016

Short story, “Rage”–MacKenzie Publishing/ Two Eyes Open Anthology–August 2017

Poem, “The Witch”–BCTC literary journal The Bluegrass Accolade–May 2017

Poem, “Reassurances From Starboard”–Beyond The Hill anthology (Lost Tower Publications) Fall 2017

Short story, “The Harvester”–Eastern Iowa Review, April 2018

Poems, “Doorway” and “A Sky Full Of Blood”–Kentucky’s Best Emerging Poets, Z Publishing–April 2018

Poem, “A Winter Home”–Bluegrass Accolade, May 2018

Poems, “Mother” and “Tall Grass”–Lonesome October Lit, Sept./Oct. 2018

Flash fiction piece, “Communion”–The Ginger Collect, Oct. 2018

Poem, “Barnlights”–Editor’s Pick, Barren Magazine, October 2018

Poem, “That Feeling, You Only Remember When You Smell Peanut Butter”–You Are Not Your Rape Anthology, Rhythm and Bones Press, December 2018

Poems, “The Woodsman” and “Cinders and Glass”–Gingerbread House Lit, December 2018

Poem, “The Arrow”–Ghost City Review, December 2018

Poem, “She Floats”–Best Emerging Poets of the Southeast anthology, December 2018

Poem, “A Pillow, Discarded”–Corvid Queen, December 2018

Flash fiction, “Communion”–The No Sleep Podcast, 2019

Short story, “The Smell Of Snow”–The Sirens Call Magazine, February 2019

Poem, “A Murmuration Of Starlings”–Nightingale and Sparrow, Feb 2019

Poem, “Dreaming Of Snow”–Ghost City Review, March 2019

Poem, “In The Abbatoir”–Dark Marrow, March 2019

Poem, “Cartography”–Ghost City Review, April 2019

Poem, “The Boy”–Pulp Poets Press, April 2019

Poem, “The Offering”–Bottom Shelf Whiskey, May 2019

Poems, “Magpie”, “Afternoon Rebellion In A Trailer Park”, and “Cookie Cutters”–Chantarelle’s Notebook, June 2019

Poems, “In An Absence Of Light”, “Peppermint and Willow”, and “Bramble And Thorn”–Pussy Magic, July 2019

Short story, “A Shimmer In The Parlor”–Prometheus Dreaming, July 2019

Poem, “Ghost Fractures”–Dark Marrow, July 2019

Middle-grade fiction novel, The Darkened Mirror–Riversong Books, July 2019

Short story, “A Surface Life”–Back Patio Press, August 2019

Chapbook of horror poetry, Tall Grass, August 2019

Short story, “Do You Like The Way It Burns?”–Accursed anthology, 2019

Short story, “Overturn”–The Hellebore, September 2019

Poetry Chapbook, “Cinders and Glass”–Sword and Kettle Press, November 2019

Short story, “Tension”–runner up in the Theme of Absence Halloween Fiction Competition

Poem, “New South”–Z Publishing Best Emerging Poets 2019

Short story, “Orchid In a Bell Jar”–Dream Noir, October 2019

Poem, “Hostage”–Detritus, Dec 2019

Poem, “My Body Is A Haunted House”–Truly U, October 2019

Poem, “A Sigh In The Dark”–Neon Mariposa Haunting Issue, October 2019

Poem, “Roads”, Shut Down Strangers and Hot Rod Angels (Bruce Springsteen anthology from Bone and Ink Press)–September 2019

Short story, “A Spectral Sigh”–Blue Moon Art and Literary Review, 2019

Poem, “Doorway”–LexPoMo anthology, 2019

Poem, “Power Lines”–Streetlight Press, Jan. 2020

Short story, “A Metamorphosis”–Dark Sire, Jan. 2020

Poems, “Sid”, “Lies We Tell Ourselves In Sunlight”, “You Are My Lucky Star”–Detritus, 2020

Poem, “Great and Terrible”–Ghost City Review, Feb. 2020

Flash fiction, “For The Birds”–won 2nd place in the Molotov Cocktail Flash Fiction Competition, Feb. 2020

Poem, “Vs.”–Nightingale and Sparrow, Feb. 2020


Forthcoming: Poem, “Duality”, for the Blood Orange Tarot Project


Best of the Net nomination for A Pillow, Discarded–Sept. 2019

Cybil Award nomination for The Darkened Mirror–October 2019

Pushcart Prize nomination for “Orchid In A Bell Jar”–Dec. 2019

Poetry chapbook, Tall Grass, shortlisted for a Bram Stoker Award nomination, Feb. 2020

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